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Jessica LeeAnn

I'm bringing 15 years of content creation, brand development, and coaching experience to the J&S team.


Stephanie A. Wynn

I'm bringing 15 years of business consultant, PR, and marketing experience to the J&S team.

What We Do


Let us help you establish your brand


Let's create a campaign to attract your target audience


Let us create your ads, emails, and curriculum 


Let us help you take your concept and turn it into a product or service

What Clients Say

Joseph, Author & Speaker

Without J&S I wouldn't have been able to publish my first book. I appreciate J&S for believing in me.

Lola, Author & Speaker

J&S is professional, reliable, and consistent. I highly recommend.

Lisa, Author & Coach

J&S successfully helped me with revitalizing my book & launching my group coaching program.

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Branding is by far one of the most essential aspects of a business. In fact, if you have low to no brand presence, your sales will be nonexistent. 

We're sharing our signature blueprint with you so that you can get on the path of success in your business. Are you ready to jumpstart YOUR business brand?

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